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While the majority of Back on Track Project’s work is about helping addicts to recover, a small proportion is spent on minimizing harm before the damage occurs. We despise Gambling Harm and find it completely unacceptable and inexcusable, hence this website. It can and should be avoided at all costs.



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We can pay up to £5000 per Report, subject to the following specific terms & conditions.

By submitting a Report, you agree to be bound by the website terms and specifically by the following terms.

2.1 The person submitting the Report must currently work for a Licenced Gambling Operator active in the UK, proving their start date, job title, and providing an original scan of a recent payslip. We may consider your Report if you have recently left your employer in the last 12 months, but prefer current Reports.

2.2 A Report might cover Instances & Events where:

  • You witnessed or experienced an Employment issue which you felt was wrong or potentially illegal, and you were unfairly treated
  • You witnessed a Customer issue which you felt was wrong or potentially illegal, and the Customer was unfairly treated
  • You witnessed or experienced a Management issue where you felt that correct procedures were not followed, and you or someone in your Company was unfairly treated
  • You witnessed some other happening where you felt that your Employer had been dishonest or manipulated the law or others to its own unfair advantage.

2.3 The Report should be in Email, Word or PDF format and must contain a brief 300 word Report Summary section of the issue witnessed & reported, followed by a Report Detail section of no less than 500 words and no more than 2000 words. You should email the Report to: [email protected] 

2.4 The Report must be accompanied by supporting evidence, in the form of email copies, voice recordings, video footage, photographs, documents or any other relevant information, in order to fully support the Report and prove its validity & authenticity. Supporting information should be combined into a single ZIP file and sent as single attachment to your Report. If the supporting information is too large to be sent by email (ie. over 2MB) then you should upload it to a free Dropbox account and include the share link in your Report.

2.5 We will confirm receipt of your Report and supporting information within 7 days of receipt. If we require any further information we will specify at that time.

2.6 The nature of the incident(s) contained in the Report must be unique, and must not have been reported to us by another member of the same company.

2.7 You will be notified within 28 days of receipt if your Report qualifies for payment (do not feel the need to chase us for a decision). The amount of the payment is decided by us based on the quality of the information provided, and is at our sole discretion.

2.8 If you do not qualify for payment we will tell you why (but to reduce the chances of this please ensure you have followed the steps exactly as laid out here).

2.9 Our decision is Final and cannot be appealed.

2.10 By submitting a Report to us you hereby finally & irrevocably give your consent to us to use the Report, along with any supporting information, in any way we see fit.