Have you ever wondered how the main Gambling Operators are performing? Not in terms of profitability, but in terms of ethical conduct & the law.

We shall shortly be undertaking the largest UK survey of its kind, and asking Customers & Operator Staff the kind of questions that need asking.



  • Have you had a bad experience with [Operator]?
  • Have you ever self-excluded from [Operator] then been allowed to bet?
  • Have you been unfairly targeted with free bets, VIP status, or been relentlessly pursued by [Operator]?
  • Have you placed a bet with [Operator] but not been paid out?
  • Have you been unable to place a bet with [Operator] while others have allowed you to?



  • Have you witnessed violence against staff or customers in your betting shop?
  • Have you observed unprofessional or questionable incidents at your online gambling company?
  • Have you witnessed poor customer service where the customer was unfairly taken advantage of?


Results for each Operator will be published here and syndicated to the media as well as the Gambling Commission.

Any Operator wishing to opt out of the survey should contact [email protected] as soon as possible before the surveys are run.