The Rape & Pillage of Modern Society?

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A quick history lesson..

Throughout British history, the strong overtaking the weak is a reoccurring theme. Invaders like Romans, Saxons, and the Vikings would perform bloody raids on British villages, taking whatever they wanted and showing little mercy for women and children. 

Our country was literally bled dry

Enter Ethelred II who came to power in c. 968 and was otherwise known as Aethelred the Unready.  For most of his reign he had to fight off the Viking invaders. Incidentally the word ‘unready’ in his name means “badly advised.EthelUn.jpg

The Vikings had recognised some years earlier that whilst they enjoyed all that looting & pillaging, just the threat of it was, in most instances, sufficient to extort money from their prey. This protection money, or Danegeld as it was called, was obviously much easier to obtain from a frightened, weak king than from a strong one.

Aethelred – who was only 10 years old when he came to power – must have been very frightened, as more Saxon coinage has to date been found in Scandinavia than has been found in the whole of England.


Hold on – does all this this sound familiar?

Are Theresa May’s Government & The UK Gambling Commission the equivalent of a modern-day Aethelred?

Are they too failing to grasp the scale of the problem that Gambling CEO’s Denise Coates and Kenneth Alexander are creating, due to bad advice?

Or is that they been given good advice, but are just too afraid to stand up to these modern day Vikings?


Looting on a Grand Scale

The gambling industry rakes in £14 Billion a year – £38m a day every day, £1.6m every single minute.

BEt365 & GVC combined turnover is close to £6 Billion a year, with smaller companies like SkyBet growing rapidly.

Yet according to the leading government think-tank, IPPR, the annual social cost to UK taxpayers could be as high as £1.2 Billion?

2 years ago the IPPR published a report which gave the government a frank & thorough assessment of the looting & damage that our modern day Vikings are inflicting on us.

Confirmed by the NHS, in terms of health Gambling is currently costing:

  • hospital inpatient services [up to £610 million]
  • mental health primary care [up to £40 million]
  • secondary mental health services [up to £110 million]

And in welfare and employment, JSA claimant costs and lost labour tax receipts [up to £160 million]

Also in housing, statutory homelessness applications [up to £60 million]

And in criminal justice incarcerations [up to £190 million]


So Where Does All The Gambling Loot Go?

The striking similarity of Gambling Firms to Vikings continues, unfortunately.

Just like Anglo-Saxon gold ending up in Scandinavia, the majority of Gambling Operators centre their operations offshore, in places like Gibraltar.

This enables British cash to be syphoned out of the country by Gambling Operators, just like the Vikings, under the full view of the British Government.

Ironically leaving the Government to foot the Twelve Thousand Million Pound damage bill (while the Gambling Industry only provides a pathetic £8m between them as a token empty gesture).


Matt Zarb-Cousin, former spokesperson for Jeremy Corbin, summarizes the case:



Is Gambling Also Fuelling a Crime Epidemic?

Historically, Gambling and Crime go hand-in-hand.

And according to Paul Buck, Chief Executive of EPIC Risk Management who run rehabilitation programs for offenders, it still does – now more than ever:

  • 1 in 10 male prisoners is likely to be a problem gambler
  • Problem gamblers are x4 times as likely to end up in prison
  • Many end up in prison because they stole to fund their gambling
  • Others develop a gambling problem inside prison due to the high levels of boredom, stress & peer pressure

See our Harm section for many instances of robberies and other crimes directly connected with Gambling.

Also see our series of articles on Gambling Suicide.



Should these Plunderers be Punished?

Thankfully we no longer live in the lawless times of the Middle Ages, but in the civilised 21st Century.

  • You cannot just go up to someone in the street, take all their money, and leave them homeless
  • You cannot introduce them to a life of crime and expect to get away with it scott free
  • Neither can you adversely affect a person’s health with your product, or be instrumental in their death

Actually, you & I cannot do that but a Gambling Operator can.




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