A satellite channel advert for @TNLUK scratch cards was just inflicted on me. “Excitement” they said 🤔 They exist only to transform a once-per-week event into an event frequency controlled by an individuals gambling addicted brain. Oh, they can then blame the individual. Get it?

Argos driver jailed for burgling pensioner as he delivered cooker. He said he stole the jewellery because he had a gambling addiction, but has been working with Gamblers Anonymous. 🤔 (It doesn’t excuse being a complete arsehole 😡😡😡)

Argos driver jailed for burgling pensioner as he delivered cooker

Bradley Hughes was working for DHL and delivering a cooker which a 71-year-old woman had bought from Argos


GVC Holdings Leads Fight Against Problem Gambling In The UK. That’s right, hold their champagne while they count their share of the £40,000,000 given away daily to the gambling industry 🤮🤮🤮 https://t.co/Psgk8GEIRr

GameCo begins skill-video game gambling machine trials in Nevada. The patent for a first-person-shooter randomly selects maps from 100,000. Where’s the skill in ‘playing’ that?

Thieving employee escapes jail but has to pay back £30,000-plus he stole. Or “Gambling addict gave £30,000 of his employers’ money to the gambling industry 😡😡😡

Some bloke just rode past on a penny farthing 😳 You don’t see that everyday.

Barry Geraghty saddles up with Sporting Index. Back in the day I knew who this was. 🤮🤮🤮 #calvinayrenews

Poker prodigy or a cheat? Lawsuit seeks $30 million in Stones Gambling Hall scandal. Everybody gambling feels cheated. Who cares if someone actually cheated? It’s the only way to beat the system. & Another reason not to participate 💩💩💩

Poker prodigy or a cheat? Lawsuit seeks $30 million in Stones Gambling Hall scandal

Sacramento poker player Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall are named in a $30 million lawsuit accusing him of cheating in online poker games streame...


Day 784. The most noticeable factor now is self-respect. When I was on the verge of suicide I’d look around and think every single person was better than me, in every way. When you like yourself it’s a different world

Just because a gambling addiction is the commonality. It doesn’t mean you’ve walked the same path. Some people may feel more exploited than others. Be nice, be kind. Recovery has different stages 💪

Does an operator use the same security measures when a self-excluded casino player re-joins AS a banned sports bettor? That’s the question @gondorffhenry @GamRegGB

If I knew a person was going to self-harm but I made money from selling the tools to do it, I’d be frowned upon by society. Gambling operators do exactly this and are glamorised! 🤷‍♂️

10 years ago.
ANALYSTS “we can either a) keep gambling an entrainment business and make small revenues but over longer, be sustainable and responsible or b) cannibalise the whole sector, exploit addicts, and make a shit load of money”
CEO “F**k it... let’s go b. Who’s to blame?

Day 700 today. Never think I’ll gamble again but I still get so annoyed on how companies treated me back then. That’s what is holding me back. How they can justify exploiting a self-excluded, self -confessed addict and taking so much money..... beyond me 🤷‍♂️

Great to read so many positive recovery stories on here. Many people getting strength from others. Fighting on as a team! 💪

A weird milestone for me. Day 666. All the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666 and that was my nemesis...... or should I say it was!!!

Online gambling is a new breed of addiction. No other vice has changed as much in the past 10 years so It’s pointless comparing it to other addictions. @mimsdavies @carolynharris24

Day 642. Happy the new ID verification rules come into force today. So simple! Would have saved me so much pain and money. My letters to @GamRegGB may have been read after all!

I’ve never been a process person. I’d like to do things ad-hoc. But all those in recovery please trust the process, whatever course you chose, stick to it. Most gamblers are impatient by nature. See it through 👊

Casino products are designed to be addictive, the lights, the noises, the spinning wheels.... all designed to hypnotise customers to think irrationally and keep spending money. My issue is the amount of money they extract when addicts are under the influence. @GamRegGB