shines a light on gambling-related harm:

# EXPERIENCES – We provide a report facility for those working within the Gambling Industry and Consumers of gambling products to raise their issue about why they feel they have been unfairly treated or taken advantage off, or how they have witnessed others being wrongly mistreated. We have Director-level contacts with the Gambling Commission who are aware of reports published here. So if you have previously reported a case to the GC without satisfaction then send us full details for us to publish. Published case reports have personal details removed if anonymity is preferred.

# HARM – A roundup from some of the key people on Social Media raising awareness about Gambling Harm – please follow & support them.

# NEWS – A roundup of gambling-related harm in the Mainstream Media.

# STATISTICS – Key facts on Gambling & Gambling Harm from the UK Gambling Commission.


Why does this site exist?

For many, Gambling is a fun pastime. But for a small percentage (actually a LARGE number of people, somewhere between 450,000 – 2,000,000 problem gamblers) it is not.

Unfortunately the “self policing” that is supposed to be happening within the gambling industry just isn’t working. Slogans like “Stop when the Fun Stops” appears to be entirely ineffective as the number of problem gamblers continues to rise steeply? Lives of 18-24 years are being wrecked before they have begun, and there are even now 25,000 child problem gamblers under 16… Yes, CHILDREN. And when growing numbers of people are losing their homes, becoming bankrupt, and even KILLING THEMSELVES then it is without doubt already too late to self-moderate.

Even the Chairperson of BeGambleAware (who was herself in charge of the Jimmy Saville enquiry) is astonished and says she has never witnessed anything like it!

But there’s a growing number of people becoming alarmed by the way the UK gambling industry is progressing. These include gamblers, politicians, families in local communities, all who believe that gambling-related harm is UNACCEPTABLE.


Who is the site for? was created to faciliate a constructive dialogue from ALL parties involved in the problem:

  • Gamblers/Consumers who have experienced harm or poor treatment by Gambling Operators
  • Government & Charities whose role it is to protect gamblers from harm
  • Employees of Gambling Operators who have witnessed or been required to take advantage of vulnerable customers
  • Gambling Operators themselves who are most welcome to respond & investigate any issues raised
  • Gambling Commission to review live cases and act accordingly



What’s your view on Gambling Harm? has no opinion on Gambling as an activity. For many it is a fun pastime, for others it is not and they are unable to give it up.

However from a commercial, legal & ethical point of view, we believe that ANY company trading in the UK or selling into the UK should not [under ANY circumstances] cause damage to its customers, either intentionally or unintentionally.

That is entirely U-N-A-C-C-E-P-T-A-B-L-E.

We therefore stand up for the rights of vulnerable addicts and their families, and insist that Operators do everything humanly possible to ensure that their customers are not directly or indirectly coming to harm.

Note that does not read “do the least possible.” Paying 0.1% of turnover or less is insufficient when people are literally dying using their products.  Any Operator that wants to know what they should be doing simply has to talk to us, or one of the bereaved family members of a gambler that used their products.

By making donations to Gambling Harm initiatives (like GamHelp and others) Licensed Operators have the opportunity to define themselves as part of the PROBLEM or part of the SOLUTION, it's that simple. 

The larger Operator turnover, the greater their donation should be. 

Any Operator that is part of the Problem will be throughly investigated and exposed; and where laws have been broken brought to justice.


Do you take up specific cases on our behalf?

If you would like us to take up your case with a particular Operator, then create a new Report in the “Reports” section. We will then contact you and find out how you wish to proceed.

If we do take up a your case and are successful in obtaining a partial or full refund, then this money will be paid directly to you.

We do not charge for our services, although do ask that if we are successful that you make a small donation in order to help gambling harm services like this to exist.

We also have a direct connection with the Directors of the Gambling Commission, who have asked to see all reports cases in order that they can take appropriate action.



We FULLY respect your anonymity at all times. Should you require us to contact any Gambling Operator(s) in order to discuss your case with them, we will ask for your prior & specific permission before releasing your details to them, and again before publishing any submitted report live to this site.

We also have a direct connection with the Directors of the Gambling Commission, who have asked to see all cases. Again feel free to specify if you would like your personal details removed (but for proof of genuine concern it would be best to include them).


A Note to Operators

We do not respond to any threats, cease & desist notices or any other nonsense, which will be published directly to the site for others to see. [But any Operator who wants to draw x10 times as much attention to matters raised then absolutely should do this.]

However we do welcome a constructive dialogue with Operators who genuinely want to improve their service levels, and improve their efforts to tackle gambling-related harm.

Such operators should in the first instance contact our editor on [email protected]