November 13, 2019
Denise Coates Bet365

The polluter should pay for cleanup.. but do they?

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Between them, Bet365 and GVC bring in around 6 Billion of the total 14 Billion UK gambling revenue. But do these companies pay their way in the cleanup operation? According to the Gambling Commission, there are [...]
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My Experience

Groomed by Ladbrokes?

At this current point in my life I have become physically unwell, mentally ill, depressed, unemployed and financially destroyed. WHY? I feel that Ladbrokes Coral Group are fully responsible for my ill health and financial destruction. […]

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Gambling-Related Harm

It’s gambling harm minimisation LITE. Nobody is going to get paid to say “DO NOT GAMBLE” or “DON’T DESTROY YOURSELF BY GAMBLING”, but plenty of money available to say “Gamble a bit less, take a break from gambling” @MartinPaterso13

I’ve noticed many people on here praising companies, funded by the gambling sector, for their work to prevent gambling harm. Let’s not be too hasty. I know this sector too well from the inside. Need to see proof it’s working first, it’s just words at the moment. 🤞🤞

Day 784. The most noticeable factor now is self-respect. When I was on the verge of suicide I’d look around and think every single person was better than me, in every way. When you like yourself it’s a different world

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